U-verse Wi-Fi Gateway Self Install

U-verse Wi-Fi Gateway Self Install

Video transcript:

This video will cover how to install your U-verse Wi-Fi Gateway. This process involves connecting your phone line, computer, or other wireless devices to the Wi-Fi Gateway and then logging on to a website to activate your service. This could take up to 45 minutes.

First you will want to check your service activation date and time, located on your confirmation letter to determine when you can begin setting up your internet service. If you have a home security system or health alert system installed in your home, you will need to contact your provider after you finish installation to ensure their services haven’t been affected.

Now let’s gather all the materials you’ll need for setup. First, you’ll need your account information. This is your High Speed Internet account number. This number can be found on your confirmation letter or packing slip. You will also need the four-digit passcode you created when you placed your order. This passcode may have been mailed to you separate from your equipment. If you are already an AT&T customer, you’ll also need your AT&T email address or member ID and password. Go to att.com/myatt for help if you have forgotten this information.

From the box you received, you’ll find the self-install guide which includes step by step installation instructions and support information, the Wi-Fi Gateway, the power adapter, a yellow Ethernet cable, a green data cable, and phone filters. If you don’t have traditional dial-tone phone service, you won’t need to install filters and can skip the next two steps by moving forward to 3:15 in the video.

If you have traditional phone service, you may need the dual port filter and up to three single port filters. If you need additional filters, please visit att.com/equipment. Without filters, you may experience disruptions or static on the phone line. Some users may have a connection for data separate from their traditional phone line. These users may not need filters.

First if you have traditional phone service, install single port filters on every wall jack with a phone, fax machine, satellite receiver, or other connected device. Then connect the phone line from the device to the filter. Next if you want to connect a phone or other piece of equipment, such as a fax machine, to the same wall jack as your Wi-Fi Gateway, then you will need to install the dual port filter.

Begin by connecting the phone cable of that device to the phone port of the dual port filter. Next connect the green data cable to the port labeled ‘DSL’ on the dual port filter. That port is surrounded by a green outline.

If you don’t have traditional phone service, connect the green data cable directly to the wall jack and connect the other end to the DSL port of your gateway. That port is surrounded by a green outline. Next, connect one end of the yellow Ethernet cable to one of the Ethernet ports on the back of the gateway. Those ports are surrounded by a yellow outline. Connect the other end of that cable to the Ethernet port on your PC. Next, remove the sticker covering the power port on the Wi-Fi Gateway.

Then connect one end of the power cable to an electrical outlet, and the other end to the Wi-Fi Gateway’s power port. Your gateway will now power up. You will need to wait for your power, broadband, and service lights to turn solid green. During this time, which can take up to 15 minutes, do not unplug the power cord or the green data cable as this can permanently damage the Wi-Fi Gateway and significantly delay service activation.

If after 15 minutes your broadband light does not turn solid green, check to make sure all your connections are secure and then try a new wall jack. Now you should have an established connection between your Gateway and a connected PC.

It’s time to register your new service. Begin by opening an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The online registration process should start automatically to assist you in registering your new service. If for some reason the registration process doesn’t start automatically, you can go to www.att.net/uverse. To complete online registration you will need the four-digit passcode you created when you placed your order. This passcode would have been mailed to you separately from your equipment. You should now be connected to the Internet.

You can now configure your Wi-Fi network, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Write down your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password (wireless network key) to configure a Wi-Fi device. This information is on the side of your Wi-Fi Gateway. The network name consists of ‘ATT’ plus the last three digits of the Wi-Fi Gateway’s serial number.

Go to your computer’s network settings and refresh the network list. Next, scroll through the list and select your Wi-Fi network name. With your network selected, enter the 10-digit Wi-Fi network password. You should now be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. If you have additional questions or need more help with your U-Verse Wi-Fi Gateway, go to att.com/uversesupport.