U-verse HD Channel Lineup


U-verse HD Channel Lineup

Video transcript:

When you have a high definition TV, you expect a crystal clear picture, high resolution, and brilliant colors. And you can’t live without it. That’s why AT&T U-verse offers over 185 HD channels, along with 5.1 channel audio. U-verse gives you everything you need for a sweet, surround sound, home theater setup. All you need to do is add a TV and speakers. U-verse receivers come HD ready, and depending on your U-verse package, you get access to all the HD channels you want, like HBO, ESPN, and more. There’s even a huge library of On Demand content to watch whenever you want.

HD TV with AT&T U-verse

If you want true HD with Dolby digital 5.1 channel audio on most programs, and a huge selection of HD programming, AT&T U-verse has you covered. Still curious about what HD TV is all about? While standard definition programming contains about 480 lines of video information per frame, high definition television has as many as 1080. Simply put, seeing is believing. You can also record up to 155 hours of crisp colorful, crystal clear HD programming. That’s high definition programming you can store and enjoy anytime on your U-verse DVR. So, if you have a high definition TV, check out your HD channel lineup. There’s never been a better time to watch.