Troubleshooting U-verse Internet

Troubleshoot Slow Internet Speeds

Video transcript:

In this video, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot your slow Internet speeds. Your Internet connection speed is determined by your AT&T plan. Read over your agreements, terms and conditions to learn more about your specific speeds. If your connection is running slow, a few things could be going on. If you have AT&T U-verse or a DSL connection, make sure you have line filters installed on all analog devices connected to your phone line including telephones, fax machines and satellite receivers. If you’re using a wireless connection, connect your computer directly to the gateway, modem or router, bypassing the Wi-Fi adapter. If this direct connection shows faster speeds, then the issue may be related to your Wi-Fi adapter or Wi-Fi signal, not your Internet connection. Try turning off the power to the Wi-Fi adapter, waiting a few minutes and then turning it back on, allowing several minutes for it to connect to the network. You may also be able to improve the speed performance of your Internet connection by reducing the number of devices such as computers, gaming systems and mobile phones that share it.

There are ways you can improve your computer’s performance when connecting to the Internet. Begin by clearing your web browser’s cache, which can be found under the browser’s settings. Minimize the number of applications that your computer is running simultaneously as well as the number tabs in your web browser that are open at the same time. Close peer-to-peer file sharing applications. These usually run in the background to upload or download files and can take up considerable bandwidth of your web connection. Sometimes, your computer’s firewall settings or running more than one firewall at the same time can slow down your connection speed. Also, make sure you run anti-virus and spyware programs regularly. This can keep your computer running faster and safer. Make sure your computer is running a supported Operating System with the latest service pack and updates and has enough RAM memory installed to operate effectively. And restart your computer occasionally to improve speed and performance. You can also talk to an AT&T ConnecTech expert, who will guide you through the free diagnostic scan and propose solutions that help you get the most from your Internet service and Home PC. It only takes 15 minutes. Just call toll-free, 1-855-210-3507 and use promo code: “ConnecTech”. If you need further assistance with troubleshooting your Internet speed, please visit