Total Home DVR

AT&T U-verse: Total Home DVR®

Video transcript:

You’re in control with Total Home DVR® from AT&T U-verse. With Total Home DVR®, you can record up to four shows at once on a single DVR and playback your shows from any room in your home. Pause a recorded show in one room and pick it up in another, and much more. To pause or rewind live TV from any receiver, simply press “Pause” or “Rewind”. You can pause live TV for up to 60 minutes. Press “Play” to restart your program.

You even have the ability to record a full show if you’ve been tuned to the channel and press “Record” at any time within a 60-minute window. To begin recording the program you’re watching from any receiver, just press “Record” on your U-verse remote control. The red record light on your receiver remains lit until recording stops at the end of the program. Press “Stop” at any time to end the recording.

Want to schedule a program recording or a series recording from your U-verse program guide? Press “Guide” then scroll up or down to the program you want to record. You can use the Page-up and Page-down buttons to jump a full page or fast-forward to jump ahead 24 hours. Press the “Record” button once to record a single show. Press it twice to record the whole series or press “Record” a third time to cancel the recording. One red dot will appear to indicate a show is set to record and three red dots appear to indicate a series is scheduled to record.

To edit your series settings including series priority, press “Recordings” or “Recorded TV” depending on your remote. Scroll to “Series”, select the show you’d like to edit and press “OK”. Select “Change settings” to update the type or add time to the beginning or end of the recording.

You can also search for a program or series to record from any receiver. Start by pressing “Menu”. Under the live menu heading, scroll down and select the search option then press “OK”. You can press “Options” to narrow your search and even search by typing the title of the show. When a show appears that you want to record, press “Info” to choose whether you want to record a single episode or the entire series.

To watch a recorded program, select “Recordings” or “Recorded TV”. To view a list of your recorded programming, highlight a show and press “OK” to view the program info screen or press play to watch. You can watch a recorded program from any receiver, not just the receiver where you started the recording. And remember, you can always schedule your DVR recordings from anywhere using or the U-verse app.

Go to and log into your account by clicking the U-verse member log in button in the upper right corner. Your member ID is the e-mail address you created when you registered your AT&T U-verse service. If you’ve lost your password, you can go to for help.

Get more control of your TV with U-verse Total Home DVR®. For more information on Total Home DVR®, go to and enter the keywords “DVR”, “U-verse App” or “”.