10 free apps to get you ready for fall

shutterstock_160911899Get out the sweaters and pumpkin pie recipes – autumn is officially here. Like every season change, the transition from summer to fall means unpacking outfits and stowing others away, updating the home décor and looking forward to what the new time of year will bring.

While you’re preparing for the upcoming fall season, don’t forget about your technology. There are many apps available to help you get in the autumn spirit. Here’s a list of 10 free apps, compatible with both Android and iOS systems, to get you ready for fall.



Autumn inspires some of the most unique flavors of the year. Discover new dishes and perfect your own fall cuisine recipes with the help of BigOven. This app will introduce you to thousands of recipes including seasonal favorites, but what really makes it stand out is the grocery list and menu planning features.



If indulging in the fall cuisine has you wanting to hit the gym, consider Charity Miles. This app won’t get you ripped using the latest workout craze, but it will give you the chance to help others while you help yourself. Download the app and choose one of the 40+ charities to support, then track your walk/jogs or bike rides – every mile trekked will earn money for your chosen charity.



Seasonal changes trigger all sorts of weather conditions, and those of fall are perhaps more unpredictable than any. With Weather Underground, you get real-time radar maps and weather forecasts, as well as notifications of impending inclement weather. Since the app features crowd reporting, users can report the weather where they are, as it happens, for a more reliable update.



School typically gets back in session before summer is officially over, but the start of fall is when it really gets going. Quizlet is the perfect study aid for students young and old. Browse from millions of study sets or create your own. The flashcards, games and study guides simplify the learning process, no matter how difficult the subject.



There’s nothing quite like a fall festival. It’s as if the fall backdrop was made for county fairs, food competitions and musical performances. If you want to catch all of the festivals and special events in your area this fall, be sure to download Eventbrite. This app keeps you abreast of local happenings and enables you to purchase/sell tickets to events right on the site.


  • Etsy – Fashion/home décor


Look the part this fall with clothing, jewelry, home décor and more from unique shops around the world. Browse handmade and vintage goods, check out the new fashion trends and connect directly with shop owners about the products. The app also features order tracking and recommendations based on your searches and purchases.



Fall is inundated with hues of red, orange, yellow and brown, prompting thousands of travelers to seek out the best foliage displays. While you can wander the countryside in hopes of catching the colors, Leaf Peeper offers some guidance. Dedicated entirely to fall foliage, this app enables users to locate and report on the best places to go. Post photos, leave comments and rate the foliage of your location by color.



If those fall colors have you inspired to do a little redecorating but you can’t quite place the colors, check out Color Capture. This app lets you take a picture and match the color to one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500 paint colors. You can also group colors together and create personalized color combinations. Share your colors on social media to inspire others!



For many, the reason for the (fall) season is football. Each NFL team has a specific app you can get, but if you’re looking for one dedicated to fantasy football, try the NFL’s official app. It lets you join and create leagues, manage your team, keep up with player news and more – everything you need to make the most of the season.



Autumn’s arrival means the year is coming to a close. Before you know it, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other big events will have come and gone. With Dreamdays Countdown app, you can keep track of holidays, birthdays, planned vacations or any day worth counting down to. Customize each event with a personalized background, and share your excitement with friends on social media through the app.


Hopefully these apps will help you prepare for and enjoy the fall season!