On Demand Recommendations


AT&T U-verse On Demand Recommendations

Video transcript:

Watch this video to learn about U-verse On Demand recommendations. Feel free to pause, review a previous section, or advance to a new section of this video at any time. U-verse On Demand is now personalized for you. Just press “On Demand” on your U-verse remote control for one touch access. Once you’re in U-verse On Demand, navigate to “Recommendations” to see entertainment suggestions unique to your tastes, and find new titles you’ll love fast.

When you find what you want to explore, scroll down to browse through the titles. Scroll further down the On Demand recommendations page, and you can find the most popular and top rated U-verse movies among all U-verse customers. Once you see a title you like, select it and press “OK” to get more information. From the summary tab on any movie or show, you can select the star icon to rate a particular title. Rating the programs helps to improve the recommendations we make for you. AT&T keeps ratings and all your preferences private and confidential. Also from the summary tab, you can arrow right to the “More Like This” tab. Here you will find similar movies or shows available now. The AT&T privacy policy, att.com/privacy, applies to information collected by this application. Now U-verse On Demand is personalized for you, enjoy.

For more on U-verse movies and special promotions tune to channel 200, the U-verse movies channel. If you need more help, visit att.net/recommendations and enter the key words On Demand recommendations.