End Browsing Frustration

Improving Your Internet Speed Decreases Browsing Frustration

Browsing on a slow laptop or desktop can be frustrating. You can improve Internet speed without a huge cost to your wallet or time.

1. Run an anti-malware program to remove viruses and spyware from your computer

There are several free programs online. Popular companies include AntiMalware and SearchandDestroy. Download these programs and let them find viruses on your computer to increase Internet speed.

Install the latest version of each program. Updates are usually free. Download a removal program for each malware type: Viruses, Trojans, worms and adware. Some virus removal programs do not deal with the other types of malware.

2. Optimize your registry

Perform only with experienced guidance. If you corrupt something in your registry, you might disable your operating system. Take precautions. Backup a recent instance of your operating system. You can go back to it in safe mode if you run into trouble. The latest Windows and Apple operating systems will perform these backups on their own.

3. Disable programs that run at startup

Several unnecessary programs start as soon as the computer turns on. Review your programs list to see applications running. Programs have options to run on startup or run when started. Setting to manual starts will free up your RAM. Your computer can repurpose this memory to your browser as it runs.

4. Enable an ad blocker for the websites you visit

Often, load-heavy ads that run alongside your content slow down your browser. An ad blocker will take away these advertisements to divert memory on displayed content.

If these tips don’t work, call a technician. There are other things to try; they involve a deeper knowledge of your PC or Mac, though. Hiring a professional is a smart investment if your computer is integral to your work and entertainment.



How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed