For The People Episode 7 Recap

This week’s installment of For The People focuses on another member of the main cast: Leonard Knox. He’s considered one of the harder characters to understand, and this week provides more insight into Leonard’s personal background. His case and personality are the centers of the episode this week, allowing the audience to gain a better understanding of both his personality and motivation. We also get to see a new matchup in and out of the courtroom between Seth and Sandra.


The beginning of the episode starts with a look at Leonard and his friends from Harvard spending time at a bar playing pool. His is tiffed when his friends overlook him as a potential speaker for their Harvard alumni event because he has not accomplished anything “splashy enough.” Leonard’s anger even rolls into his morning routine, which is a 5 a.m. wakeup call and intense gym session. While exercising, Leonard learns of the brutal murder of an FBI agent’s sister and the release of the murderer’s roommate. Leonard heads into work determined to get this case, but it is already assigned to the District Attorney. Instead of letting it go – which Kate advises him to do several times – Leonard decides to fight for the right to bring charges against the roommate. The roommate, Jared Nash, was in the apartment during the entire murder but adamantly claims he was not involved in the murder in any way. After pleading his case to Roger, he gets one shot at finding a way to charge Jared. Leonard goes and interviews several key people involved in the murder case, including the prosecuting district attorney, and they all agree that there is no way to charge Jared with anything related to the murder.


With his original plan de-railed, Leonard decides that although he cannot charge Jared with accessory to the murder, he can charge Jared with misprision of a felony. Leonard, however, fails at convincing Roger that this charge will be worth the time and that it will hold in court. Disappointed, Leonard turns to Kate to see if she could help him convince Roger to file the charges since Roger likes her much more. Kate is confused why Leonard is so focused on this case but has a conversation with Roger for him anyway. Leonard is able to take the case to court and after an emotional closing argument wins the case and sends Jared to jail for three years. With this high-profile win, Leonard’s friends ask him to speak at the alumni event last minute. Although he does initially accept, he doesn’t want to go in and drives away before going inside, as he has a last-minute change of heart.


This week, Jay has some personal development as the lawyer on duty this week. He goes to get his case and ends up meeting the new court clerk working with Ms. Krissman, Lara, and is immediately smitten with her. He spends most of the episode working up the courage to ask her out and even seeks Ms. Krissman’s approval since it is her staff member. Although Jay spends the time to seek her approval, Ms. Krissman does not give him her approval. It is not that she does not think they would work well together, but it’s because she does not want his focus to shift and cause him to be distracted from his professional goals. His ethnicity and lack of an Ivy League degree are two strikes against him,  and it means that he has to work twice as hard to be the best. Jay decides to go and ask her out anyway.


The big and only matchup this week is between Allison’s best friend Sandra and ex-boyfriend Seth. Sandra is assigned to defend a comedian who initially posted a photo with an assault rifle aimed at the President of the United States, which looks like she is attempting to assassinate the President. The threat is taken very seriously by the White House and she is charged for her alleged threat to the President. The comedian sees the charges as great publicity for herself and the chance to get a TV cable special. Sandra and Seth are eventually able to come to a deal with some probation time and a restraining order.


The focus of the matchup, however, was mostly personal. Sandra and Seth have not seen each other since Seth broke up with Allison and their first meeting was incredibly awkward.. Although their meeting is about arranging a deal, things turn personal very quickly with some targeted insults, and it’s obvious that Sandra never liked Seth and definitely does not like him now. Allison is able to ease the tension by talking to Sandra. Allison is working to move on from the breakup and Sandra should move on as well. Allison still believes that Seth is a good guy and tells Sandra she should focus on her client, not defending her. Seth and Sandra’s second meeting goes better than the first, and they both apologize and realize that they never gave the other person a chance.


The episode ends with a heartfelt conversation between Allison and Sandra. After their discussion about Seth, Sandra realizes that she does not really give people a chance to get to know her and she can truly only rely on Allison and her dad. Sandra did not give Seth a chance because she didn’t want him to come between them. Allison reminds her that they will always have each other and nothing will change that.


With the end of the season quickly approaching and as we gain more insight into each of the main characters, the stage is set for more character development, challenges, and interactions.


For The People airs Tuesday’s at 10 pm EST on ABC (check your local listings)