For The People Episode 6 Recap

This week, For The People focuses on new challenges for our favorite characters and several moving speeches. We get to see a combination of solo cases and matchups, including Sandra versus Leonar. Rather than a singular focus, the episode highlights several characters venturing into new cases and the challenges they face.


The big focus this week is placed on Allison and her piracy case. The beginning of the episode shows Allison’s regular morning routine: checking to see if Sandra’s still home and when she’s not, blasting music and eating cereal while checking her computer. When Allison discovers that the internet is out – and her internet company is less than helpful – she arrives to work all out of sorts. Her case this week involves Arturo, a citizen of Cordoba who is charged with piracy after stealing aid supplies off a ship at gunpoint. Jill gives Allison this case because of her undefeated record, and warns her of the challenges she will face in this case. After hearing Arturo’s story, which involves a hurricane and a deep need for aid and supplies, Allison feels unprepared to defend him in court. His story is moving but not simple, which is how Allison prefers her cases. She struggles throughout the episode to figure out how to defend him. Her first strategy is to argue jurisdiction, and that the case should be heard in Arturo’s own country. But since the entire country was demolished by the hurricane, her motion is denied.


At this point, Allison goes to meet with Arturo a second time and learns that he left some important details out during their first meeting. He didn’t steal all of the goods that he gave to other people, but he sold some of them for at least 150 percent above original value. He doesn’t deny selling the goods, but claims the money was used to prevent other parties – cops and gangs specifically – from taking the goods for themselves. He even challenges Allison, asking her whether or not she even knows what it’s like to make a tough choice. Unsure of what her next step is, Allison calls on Sandra for advice. Allison feels that she can’t truly understand what her clients go through because at the end of the day, she gets to go home and move on while her clients may end up in prison. Sandra, the best friend Allison could ask for, helps Allison understand that although she is privileged, she has chosen to help people and that is good enough for now. Fueled by this pep talk, Allison calls Arturo to the stand at trial to tell his own story, hoping that the passion and clear struggle will help sway the jury. Allison also gives an incredible closing statement that helps with her strategy and Arturo is found not guilty. Allison’s undefeated streak still stands!


Sandra is facing a challenge of her own in this episode. She is assigned to defend Captain Shadow, a man dressed up as a superhero and self-assigned himself to defend the New York City streets. He is charged with assault after tackling a man chasing after his own child – although Captain Shadow claims that he believed it was a kidnapping in progress. Leonard is the opposing counsel in the case and is very ready to defend Sandra yet again. They both meet up to discuss a plea deal and although arrogant, Leonard offers a somewhat reasonable 3-month deal to Sandra. Captain Shadow, however, refuses the deal because he believes in what he does and he doesn’t think Batman would take that kind of deal. Leonard, still very arrogant, tells Sandra that he could convince her client to take the deal better than she could. With a moving but fake story about being Superman, Leonard convinces Captain Shadow to take a 1-month prison deal and adds another win to his belt.


A big development in the episode involves Kate and her work with the ATF (U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Unit). This week, Kate is offering legal advice and assistance to Anya and the ATF. One of Anya’s agents was approached by a person to murder someone in exchange for $5,000 but since it was not caught on tape, it is not enough to arrest anyone. Anya asks Kate for legal advice and help to ensure that they get the evidence to arrest and convict the mystery person. Kate spends time at the ATF office with Anya, who unsuccessfully tries to get Kate to open up. During the sting where they sit in a van filled with tons of surveillance technology, the pair discovers that a “soccer mom” is the person ordering the hit and the woman is trying to protect her daughter. While they are waiting, we learn a little more personal information about Kate. She never played soccer and she didn’t have much of a motherly figure in her life. Luckily the arrest is successful and the pair gets a big win. After the successful arrest, Anya calls up Kate to celebrate their win by doing something dangerous: shooting guns at a gun range. Early on in the episode, Kate mentions that she does in fact know how to shoot a gun. She demonstrates this at the gun range with her excellent aim and perfect shot. The episode comes to a close as things begin to heat up. Anya flirts with Kate, although apologetic for coming on too strong. While Anya apologizes, Kate starts kissing her.


With all of the twists and challenges in the episode, there is definitely more to be discovered about our favorite characters throughout the rest of the season.