Selecting the Best Gaming ISP

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Selecting the Best Gaming Internet Service Provider

Over the years, PC gaming has evolved from the 8-bit era into grand e-sports tournaments that draw in millions of viewers worldwide and raise millions of dollars in prizes. Whether you’re a gaming hobbyist who plays on the weekends, or a professional player who dedicates whole days to training, Internet service plays a key role in your performance.

A poor Internet connection can cause a lag or delay while gaming. This can easily cost you or your team the game and cause stress and frustration. Being meticulous in selecting the right Internet service provider can help you enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest.

Build a Criteria

You’ll use it to screen and compare different ISPs. Include important categories to consider, such as download and upload speeds, costs and binding contracts, terms of service and add-on features. Know your budget beforehand to avoid wasting time on options you cannot afford. Cost of Internet service plans can range anywhere from $30 to $100 per month.

Understand Different Types of Internet Service

It isn’t enough to know what broadband is. In fact, broadband is just an umbrella term for many types of Internet connections including satellite, DSL, and fiber-optic service. Dial-up won’t offer appropriate speeds for gaming, so it’s really not something you should consider as an option.

Research Online

Check out websites that compare different ISPs available in your area. The service is completely free and includes easy-to-scan charts and individual packages that make it easier to arrive at a decision. If you are a first-time ISP applicant and don’t have Internet yet, you can do a quick survey with your friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Know What to Expect

The download and upload speeds advertised by ISPs are expected to be precise only when optimal conditions are present. The actual speed you get may differ due to environmental conditions and physical infrastructures. Being realistic with your expectations can save you hours or even weeks of frustration. ISPs, even the best ones, simply cannot totally eliminate lag or delay.

Consider Customer Support

Help availability is another factor you should consider when comparing ISPs. If and when your connections slow down or break entirely, can you rely on your ISP’s customer support team? A good customer support team should be available 24/7 to resolve any Internet connection problems.

Why do Download Speeds vary