Top Benefits of Internet for Seniors

Senior couple websurfing on internet with laptop

Top Benefits of Internet for Seniors

The Internet is able to keep senior citizens engaged in a variety of ways that were not available to them a few decades ago. Here are a few examples of how the Internet can be a great resource for seniors.

Seniors and Social Media

Social media sites began as hubs for young people but an increased number of seniors are engaging on these sites. They have found this is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with friends, family and current events in the modern, digital age.

Seniors and Online Pen Pals

Long before the Internet even existed, people kept in touch by mailing physical letters back and forth. Today, the pen pal landscape has changed as more senior-based pen pal connection sites have been started online. Whether an older person is looking for a friend to converse with or a romantic interest, the Internet is home to many senior pen pals waiting to connect. This new form of finding pen pals is a great way for seniors to stay connected with people.

Seniors Go Back to School…Online

It might surprise some to learn that people age 50-64 are a demographic that is returning to school in large numbers. When students were surveyed across various age groups, it was observed that older students showed more satisfaction with online learning than younger students and the rate of satisfaction increased with age.

Seniors Shop Online

An activity that may sometimes be frustrating for seniors is going shopping. They may have trouble driving or parking in crowded lots. Some may not be able to walk around for long periods of time or navigate a huge store or mall. And many can feel anxious around big crowds of people. Online shopping is the perfect solution! They are still able to buy gifts for family, or treats for themselves without all the hassle of going to the store.

In conclusion, there are many places for seniors to feel at home online, and the Internet can enrich their lives in many ways. It’s no longer a place dominated by youth. There are online communities full of seniors, learning new things and meeting new people. This trend will only continue as technology makes the Internet accessible for generations of seniors to come.

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