Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 12

Wondering if new iPhones are worth the upgrade? Whether you’re still holding on to an iPhone 6 or already pocketed the iPhone 11, there are plenty of reasons why Apple’s newest release stands out from the rest. For starters, CNET, a respected voice in the tech world, recently deemed the iPhone 12 as “one of our highest-rated phones of all time.” But is it worth the investment?

There are numerous reasons why the iPhone 12 stands out from previous generations. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect: 

Multiple sizes

  • Miss when phones were small enough for pockets? The iPhone 12 comes in a standard version, but you can also choose between the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 Mini. Each model has different features and prices, but starting with the size is an easy way to narrow them down. The sizes vary from 5.4 to 6.7 inches, so you have plenty of options.

New colors

  • The iPhone 12 is available in graphite, black, red, green, white, silver, gold, or pacific blue, depending on the model you pick.

Better processor

  • Compared to past iPhone generations, Apple’s new A14 bionic processor delivers a faster browsing and camera experience. Plus, better processors mean that future iOS updates will likely fare better on the iPhone 12. Did we mention this likely improves battery life?

Ceramic shield protection

  • Cracked a screen once or twice in the past? The iPhone 12 has four times better drop performance compared to previous models.

Cleaner camera shots

  • iPhone cameras continue to improve with each new model. That said, the iPhone 12 comes equipped with Night Mode on ultrawide and front cameras; plus, you’ll get better quality when you zoom in on your pictures. 

5G capability

  • It seems like everyone has been talking about 5G lately. Luckily, the iPhone 12 can handle this new generation of cellular connectivity, unlike past models.


  • Even though this isn’t a new concept, Apple has improved the technology in the iPhone 12 to ensure that even if your phone falls into the sink for more than a few seconds, it should be just fine. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 can withstand up to 30 minutes underwater in less than 6 meters (or nearly 20 feet).

Wireless charging

  • Past generations also have this feature, but if you’re still holding on to an older iPhone, this is a big bonus.


Still unsure whether it’s time to upgrade? Well, if you think you can hold out until Apple debuts the iPhone 13, we wish you luck. Apple is known for being secretive about upcoming releases’ specs, so who knows what’s in store next!