For The People Season 1 Finale

On the season finale of For the People, old cases and old rivalries were brought back to the surface. From old relationships to old cases, many of our favorite lawyers have a blast from the past as well as more relationship development.


The big focus of the week is on Sandra and difficulties getting past her recent case loss. A few weeks ago when her client Mohammed Fayed was found guilty, Sandra was upset and it appears that she’s been obsessing over that loss ever since. At the beginning of the episode we see that she hasn’t been sleeping, constantly going over the details of the case. During the entire episode, she struggles to gain back her confidence and it even boils over into her new case.


Sandra is assigned to defend Alice Wong, a government hydrologist who is charged with espionage. After hearing her story, Sandra believes that Alice was arrested because of the fact that she was born in China and immigrated to the United States. This, however, makes her nervous after her last loss because the jury might not be able to look past her birthplace. With all of the technical jargon and the fear of the jury making assumptions about her client, Sandra is very unsettled and is convinced she’ll lose again. After a pep talk from Allison, Sandra enters court with a plan and some confidence. Sandra takes Allison’s advice and uses the witnesses to demonstrate that many of Alice’s colleagues have done the same actions as her without punishment. This strategy works. Alice is found not guilty and Sandra finds her confidence.


The other big focus is the rematch between Kate and Jay. Jay is tasked with defending Nancy Martin, the PTA president of a New York private school. She claims that she is being framed by the Gallaghers, two parents whose connections allow this to become a federal case. Nancy tells Jay that this may have happened because her son is on a scholarship and she beat Mrs. Gallagher in the race for PTA president. When Jay and Kate meet, Kate believes that Jay is falling for another lie like the first time. Kate then meets with the Gallaghers, and not only finds them off putting, but also agrees with Jay that something is not right.


Kate can’t use any of her resources to look into what’s going on since Mrs. Gallagher used to work as an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) in the same office. She and Jay team up  to look into the school and see if there’s any evidence that the Gallaghers set Nancy up. They both go to meet with the school principal and Jay catches her in a mistake. The principal reveals that she knows the exact type of drug found in Nancy’s car—a detail that has not been made public yet. The principal frames Nancy, and this is the proof Jay needs to help her. At the end of the episode, Kate and Jay have a touching moment where Kate finally tells Jay that she believes he’s a good lawyer.


This episode also shows how some characters have to make tough life decisions. Allison is in the middle of a love triangle this week with Seth and Toby (the wine forger from a few weeks ago). Seth meets with Allison to warn her about a warrant for Toby’s arrest. She goes to meet with him to discuss strategy and learns that he left the country and replaced her with a new lawyer. He’s still very interested in Allison and lets her know that the ball is in her court. Somewhat confused, Allison returns to the office and gets cornered by Seth who proclaims that he still loves her. What a change from the last few weeks! Allison is now faced with a tough choice, but at the end of the episode she surprisingly chooses Toby.


Leonard is also faced with a tough choice this week when he must decide whether or not to take a new job. Leonard’s mother approaches him with a job offer: the Solicitor General of Texas. This would allow for Leonard to take a step toward his (or his mother’s) goal for him to one day be the president, but Leonard is hesitant. He’s enjoying his work as an AUSA and isn’t sure he wants to make a change. When he breaks the news to Kate it’s obvious that she is very upset. He is looking for some advice but Kate’s distant demeanor helps him make his choice. They have a touching scene toward the end of the episode where she lists all of the reasons he shouldn’t take the job. When Leonard confesses that he already accepted the job, Kate is obviously heartbroken.


With a dramatic end to the season, there are still so many questions to be answered. Here’s hoping that season two not only provides some answers, but also shows more cooperation between the two teams.