For The People Episode 9 Recap

This week’s episode of For the People references several personal details revealed during the season while leaving the characters to fend for themselves. With Jill and Roger away for the day, all of the lawyers are forced to deal with cases and issues on their own, which provides interesting pairings throughout the episode.


The major focus of the week was the big Assistant United States Attorney group investigation into the New York governor. Roger assigns Kate, Seth, and Leonard the task of finding a way to charge the governor with taking bribes from potential senate replacement candidates. Initially, the group struggles to be able to work together because they all want to be in charge. They are also facing a time crunch because an article on the investigation is set to be released that night. If the governor finds out about the investigation before they have enough evidence to charge him, the governor could destroy enough evidence. This would make charging him impossible.


The group goes through several failed attempts at finding evidence. At first, the group invites the article’s author to talk to see if she could be charmed into holding off publishing the article until they can charge the governor. Although Leonard’s idea, Kate suggests that Seth be the man to charm the writer because of his mid-western nature and non-threatening looks. He makes a good attempt but is unable to convince the writer to hold off. Their next plan is to visit Judge Byrne and ask him to grant an injunction to stop the article from being published. Judge Byrne not only remembers Kate and Seth from their late night visit in episode two but also denies their motion because it is difficult to justify. Their next plan is to interview the governor’s aides – who dislike each other – in hopes that one of them will spill the beans about the governor. Although the aides hate each other, they love their boss and do not plan to turn on him any time soon. This becomes another dead end.


The group faces more tension when Seth reveals that Kate is dating federal agent Anya (a character from episode six). The beginning of the episode highlights this by showing Kate and Anya in bed together, and Kate even being late to work because of Anya. This information, however, is news to Leonard. This tension and the reveal helps Seth determine the best path to find information on the governor: through his chief of staff. Seth is right and Chief of Staff Klein actually helps get the governor to confess to his crimes on a wiretap.


The other big focus of the week was on Sandra and her fear of hospitals. Jill assigns her to defend a man accused of smuggling drugs into the United States via his own body. The twist is that he’s currently in the hospital and Sandra must go to stop any potential x-rays. Last week’s episode revealed that Sandra hates hospitals and her fear is very evident throughout the entire hospital. By the time she arrives to see her client after a moment of panic in the lobby, they already conducted an x-ray that was inconclusive. The FBI agent in charge, Agent Goode, wants a CT scan conducted since the x-ray was inconclusive. Sandra, in an attempt to stop the scan from happening, calls Jay and asks him to get an injunction to stop the scan. Hearing this, Agent Goode grabs Sandra and handcuffs her to a wall to prevent her from physically interfering, and then takes her client to the scan.


When Jay finally arrives at the hospital, Sandra is struggling and still chained to the wall. When the nearby officer will not un-cuff Sandra, Jay begins to record the whole scene on his phone and it prompts the officer to release Sandra. The pair is able to bring the injunction to Agent Goode right before the scan was conducted to stop it. Jay and Sandra have a touching moment in the hallway after their win. Sandra reveals that her mother used to drive her to school every morning when she was a kid as a time to bond. On the one morning, she did not drive her to school, her mother was in a car accident. She was told to sit in the hospital hallway because her mother was going to be fine. Even though she wanted to see her mom, she listened and her mom died before she could even go in to see her. This spurred her to fight to never feel powerless again.


This week also features more of Jill and Roger’s relationship. The pair was supposed to be spending the day at some conference, but decide to skip out and take the day off. Roger takes Jill around all of his favorite spots in Westchester, where he used to live with his ex-wife and kids. They visit various spots including an Italian restaurant, an independent movie theater with very out-of-date movies and a small baseball field. While at the baseball field, they both discuss their view on marriage. Roger feels hopeful that he could be better at his next marriage and even reveals that he “like-likes” Jill. Jill, however, is not as optimistic about marriage or about them as a couple. She completely shoots Roger down by saying that she does not believe that they could ever work out, simply because of their opposing jobs.


The episode ends with each team celebrating their wins with more bonding and going out for drinks. With all of the references in this episode, there are still several questions yet to be answered. It will be interesting to see how the season is going to end next week!


For The People airs Tuesday’s at 10 pm EST on ABC (check your local listings)